Extensions are for All Types of Hair

hair extensionsMany women in South Africa and across the globe make use of hair extensions. In South Africa, hair extensions are more commonly used among African women than any other races. Hair extensions can come in various colours, lengths and textures.

Apart from the fact that hair extensions thickens and adds length to hair, it also helps to cover bald spots and alopecia. Clip on hair extensions are probably of the most convenient as the individual can clip it on and off by themselves or just add a long ponytail if they wanted. Sewn in hair extensions are the most common choice, in fact it is said to be better and able to last longer if the individual is looking for a more permanent solution. Glued hair extensions are also made use of but they are not recommended to be kept in for long because the glue can cause damage to the natural hair.

Hair extensions are very expensive, even if they are synthetic, but for human hair extensions, an individual is expected to pay anything from over R1 800, depending on the length of the hair and the salon itself. Human hair extensions can last for one to two years if taken proper care of, however during that time the individual has to go to the salon every three to four months to take the extensions out, have their hair treated and then inserted again.

I-tip hair extensions are also fast becoming more used by everybody. It is simple and easy to use and all the pieces are pre-glued so that it can be installed with ease. I-tip extensions also come in various textures like European as well as Ethnic wet and wavy, which simply goes wavy when wet. It is also tangle free, shiny and available in easy clip in bangs so you do not have to cut your own hair.

Unlike human hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions are not prone to split ends and other damage. Synthetic hair extensions are also pre-styled so you can literally get up and go without having to spend hours styling in the mirror. Micro-bead hair extensions looks very real, however they are cheaper and are not applied with glue nor heat.

Either one you choose, you are bound to look fabulous.